Can I convert my garage into an ADU?

Homeowners can convert legally built structures (garage, barn, art studio) into an ADU. JADUs can be converted from an attached garage, but not detached.

If you demolish your garage or other enclosed structure and build an ADU in its place, the ADU can be in the same footprint if it’s the same size and height of the structure it’s replacing. You may need to provide replacement parking; check with Planning staff for more details (see the Contact page).

Demolition permits for an existing detached garage can be processed at the same time as the ADU permits. Note that garage conversion ADUs may require significant moisture barriers and other design elements in order to meet building codes.

Garage conversions do not require off-street parking spaces, nor do they require replacement parking (with an exception for JADUs in Placerville; see below).

City of Placerville: There must be documentation that the building was legally built, and this may be used as a building permit (subject to review by director). The building must also be upgraded to meet the current code. Conversions must meet a variety of other standards and criteria similar to new construction (confirm with Planning staff). JADUs converted from an attached garage may be required to provide replacement parking.

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