What if I have a septic system and/or well?

Sewer Districts and Onsite Septic Systems: If your property is outside of a sewer service district, you will need to find out if your septic system will meet local requirements when adding an ADU to your property. You may have to increase your septic capacity (add a new tank) or establish a new water source, which can be an unexpected cost, so talk to the El Dorado County Environmental Management Department early in the process to find out (see the Contact page for details).

Water Wells: If your home is not served by the public water system, El Dorado County Environmental Management will require a capacity report to ensure the existing water well is adequate for an additional residence. You must submit a perc test, septic design, and well production report to Environmental Management (with or after building permit application).

City of Placerville: Septic systems are not permitted in Placerville unless the public sewer main is greater than 200 feet from the residence. Septic systems require a permit application and review and approval by El Dorado County Environmental Management Department.

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